Rogers Corporation Introduces PORON® Cadence: Around-the-Clock Cushioning for Occupational Footwear

Release Date: 02/28/2019

Chandler, Arizona, February 28, 2019 – Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) is pleased to introduce PORON® Cadence, a unique underfoot cushioning technology to reduce foot discomfort and fatigue for shift workers who are on their feet for many hours. Delivering a balance of support and resilient energy return, PORON Cadence rebounds between steps and provides a stable platform to increase endurance during long periods of walking and standing.

One of the biggest pains resulting from working as a nurse, chef, or factory worker is sore feet and aching legs after a shift. Being on one’s feet for many hours puts a lot of stress on feet, limbs, and muscles, contributing greatly to worker fatigue and discomfort. Shift workers who walk or stand for long periods require underfoot cushioning that can take a pounding but maintain support. Unlike alternative materials, PORON Cadence is designed to protect workers’ feet with the delivery of consistent load-bearing support that evenly distributes weight, cushions key pressure points, and reduces discomfort. PORON Cadence absorbs shock and helps prevents fatigue from repeated step shock by minimizing energy transfer to joints and muscles.

PORON Cadence is an ideal underfoot cushioning solution for occupational footwear. This unique material can be used as full underfoot coverage sewn or adhered into a strobel layer, a full layer in a sockliner, insole or footbed, or as pads for a boost of comfort on pressure points. When it comes to durability, PORON Cadence shares the excellent resistance to deterioration found in all PORON Comfort products, returning to at least 98% of its original shape to maintain fit and cushioning. Its open-cell structure compresses and expands with every step, delivering energy-activated resilience and free flow of air and moisture vapor, keeping feet cooler, dryer and more comfortable throughout the shift.

“With its unique ability to deliver sustained cushioning and energy response during long work shifts, we are proud to introduce PORON Cadence for occupational footwear,” says Kelly Nelson, Rogers’ Associate Market Development Manager for PORON Comfort. “PORON Cadence brings relentless cushioning and long-lasting comfort to workers who need it the most.”

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