Rogers Corporation Expands PORON® Comfort Technology Solutions for Work Comfort and Protection

Release Date: 04/25/2019

Chandler, Arizona, April 25, 2019 – Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio of engineered comfort and protection solutions for work footwear needs with two advanced technologies, PORON® Cadence and PORON® Performance. Rogers is an industry leader in formulating unique chemistries for underfoot comfort and footwear performance applications. With materials that are engineered for a high degree of durability, Rogers provides sustainable solutions that deliver long-term product performance. Through formulation development, R&D analysis, and wear studies, these new technologies were created to meet the increasing demand for better footwear that promotes employee health.

Workers in the fields of construction, healthcare, manufacturing and food service face prolonged physical demands. PORON® Comfort technologies are designed to perform in rigorous environments and provide comfort over long durations of tough wear. With the near constant pace that many workers must keep to fulfill their job responsibilities, their footwear faces many challenges as well including continuous pressures when standing, dynamic stresses from walking, and potential hazards from tools or other objects being dropped on the foot.

PORON® Cadence offers a specialized comfort experience with soft yet supportive cushioning and energy return that is well-suited for workplaces that require long durations of walking and standing.

PORON® Performance offers a versatile option that provides both stable support and firm cushioning. It performs exceptionally well in work environments that entail prolonged standing with periods of walking.

An existing member of the PORON Comfort technology suite of solutions, PORON® Vive also meets the specific needs of work footwear by providing a multi-functional comfort experience that delivers a combination of high energy return and shock mitigation capabilities for fast-paced, active work environments.

“PORON Comfort technologies designed and built into the construction of a shoe deliver consistent load-bearing support and pressure distribution engineered to meet the challenges of occupational footwear,” says Kelly Nelson, Rogers’ Associate Market Development Manager for PORON Comfort. “Inserts made of closed cell and commodity open-cell materials quickly weaken and deteriorate with use. The microcellular structure of PORON Comfort Technologies, as a built-in foot bed or midsole layer, are uniquely engineered to thrive through the flexing, compression, recompression, and shock generated as workers spend the majority of long work shifts on their feet.

In addition to PORON Comfort technologies, Rogers also offers XRD® Technology. Providing a safety advantage when incorporated into areas at high risk for experiencing impact like the metatarsal, ankle and heel counter, XRD Technology’s low-profile impact attenuation is comfortable yet there when needed. By protecting against repeated impact without a degradation in performance, XRD Technology is engineered to face the challenges of a rugged footwear environment without compromising safety.

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