• Application Design Tool

    Determine the best PORON® polyurethane or BISCO® silicone material for specific design application.

  • BISCO Product Properties Guide

    Filter BISCO® product information by various criteria, including property groups, product category or units, to find the best material for the application.

  • Compression Force Deflection Curve Tool

    Identify design-appropriate BISCO® silicone and PORON® polyurethane materials using stress-strain data.

  • EMS Tools Listing

    Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS) tools provide design engineers with the information needed to make calculations, compare, and select materials.

  • Gap Filling Tool

    Choose the proper material to meet final gap thickness requirements with this tool.

  • Impact Prediction Tool

    Select the best PORON® polyurethane or BISCO® silicone for energy absorbing applications using impact data.

  • PORON Battery Pad Application Product Selector Tool

    Determine the best PORON® polyurethane for your EV/HEV battery pad design requirements.

  • PORON Product Properties Guide

    Sort and filter PORON materials by property, product family or units to determine the best material for the design.

  • Vibration Isolation Tool

    The Vibration Isolation Efficiency Calculator recommends the proper PORON™ VXT® Polyurethane for vibration mitigation applications.

  • XRD Selection Tool

    Find the thinnest, lightest and most protective PORON® XRD® Tech options for the design’s type of impact.


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