Condux Plus foam is an electrically conductive foam that offers excellent and consistent conductivity across a wide range of compression levels. The primary application of this material is its use as grounding pags. Condux Plus foam avoids and prevents undesirable electromagnetic fields by connecting two conductive materials that have different electric potentials within handheld devices. Condux Plus materials retain their thickness under temperature and load to provide a consistent and reliable electrical connection. Condux Plus materials have also been shown to shield electrical devices from a wide range of EM frequencies. For reliable electrical grounding and shielding, Condux Plus is the optimal solution for high quality mobile devices.


  • Available in two thicknesses of .33 or .53 mm
  • Compression force deflection (CFD) of 14 or 21kPa, respectively
  • Provide EMI shielding effectiveness of 50 dB, from 300MHz to 10GHz


  • High material integrity – holds shape and does not collapse during die cutting
  • Highly conductive with consistent connectivity
  • Reliable grounding and shielding


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Condux Plus™导电泡沫 中文
Condux Plus Electrically Conductive Foam English
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Shelf-Life and Proper Storage of PORON Polyurethane Materials English
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PORON® Polyurethanes Product Availability Brochure English


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