• Offer full assortment of quality stock silicone products
  • Most economical source of wholesale silicone
  • Products serve wide range of high reliability applications


Cellular Silicone Sheet

  • Available in continuous rolls
  • Ranging from Closed Cell Sponge to Open Cell Foam

Silicone Stripping

  • Almost all DSP products are offered in strip form
  • Available with or without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) back
    • PSA is Acrylic/Silicone Laminating Adhesive
    • PSA available standard or for high temperatures

Solid Silicone Sheet

  • Available in many grades, colors and strengths
  • Multiple durometers in most grades
  • Specialized options available, including electrically conductive, extreme temperature grade and more
  • Uncured Silicone Compounds available


Elastomeric Material Solutions

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