DeWAL has the ability to laminate materials to various substrates using a proprietary technology to bond laminates without the use of adhesives. This method capitalizes the inherent chemical resistance of PTFE while eliminating additive extractable chemicals used in the adhesive process.

DeWAL® DW950 series laminates are constructed of PTFE film bonded to low density polyethylene (LDPE) foam in a process that does not entail adhesives or silicone, making them ideal for use as chemical cap liners.

PTFE film contours to the container lid in combination with the tri-layer foam, making the cap liners especially attractive to biological and pharmaceutical OEMs seeking a reliable, consistent seal for demanding and critical applications.


  • ePTFE laminated to substrates without adhesive
  • Wide variety of substrates available – TPU, UNI-PORE, polyester, glass fiber and more


  • Excellent repeated flexing properties
  • Maintain physical properties and lamination strength

DW950 Series Sealing Cap Liner

DW953 Series Venting Cap Liner

DW955 Series Venting Cap Liner

DW235MSPU Cable Pod Laminate

DW235MSPU-FR Flame Retardant Cable Pod Laminate



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