BISCO Flame Resistant Sponge Silicones are closed cell silicone sponge sheets, available in three grades: soft, medium and firm.

BISCO® 7130 silicone is a soft firmness flame resistant silicone and meets BMS 1-60 Type 1, Grade A and DMS-1980 Grade 1, Soft specifications.

BISCO® 7330 silicone is a medium firmness flame resistant silicone that meets BMS1-60 Type 1, Grade B and DMS-1980 Grade 2, Medium specifications.

BISCO® 7430 silicone is a firm flame resistant silicone sponge that meets BMS 1-60 Type 1, Grade C and DMS-1980 Grade 3, Class 2 Firm specifications.


  • Temperature resistance ranging from -103°F to 450°F
  • FMVSS-302 Flammability Rated


  • UV/Ozone resistant
  • Excellent gasketing with low closure force


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
7130 Soft Flame Resistant Sponge Silicone English
7330 Medium Flame Resistant Sponge Silicone English
7430 Firm Flame Resistant Sponge Silicone English


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