Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) in display systems including large-screen televisions, computer monitors, laptops mobile phones and other portable devices require protection and long-term performance of these important and delicate LCDs. Display LCDs require cushioning, sealing, spacers and grips to seal out dust and particulate matter, manage damaging impact energy to sensitive components, and keep the glass in place.

Dust & Moisture Sealing

LCD dust seals and touch screen dust seals are a frequent requirement of display gasketing. As consumer electronics become thinner and more complex, designers require thinner, lighter, softer and more compressible foam materials. For LCDs, the sealing gasket may be for simple dust sealing, light water exposure or more aggressive outdoor applications where there is heavy water exposure. PORON® materials will not collapse under compression or relax over the life of your product, thus maintaining a consistent and effective seal against dust, particulates and moisture.

Gap Filling, Spacers & Grips

These benefits of PORON® materials also aid in gap filling, spacer and grip applications. Display gaskets are often used to fill gaps between the screen and the display and/or the screen and bezel. The gasket will take up gaps generated by tolerance stack-ups in the device. Additionally, LCDs typically have multiple layers of various materials to produce a crisp, high-quality picture on the screen. Conformable spacers are needed to prevent glass from touching the plastic or metal frame, and to serve as a grip, keeping the glass in place while absorbing shock at the same time.

Load Distribution & Impact or Mechanical Shock Absorption

Often a touch screen gasket or LCD gasket will help spread the compression load of the housing or bezel on the display. Without a gasket, the enclosure that holds the display in place can create pressure points on the display and, in some cases, cause distortions or short circuit. PORON® materials offer a broad array of thin, compressible solutions that fill gaps while maintaining an effective seal across a wide range of loads and environmental conditions.

The LCD gasket is an important part of the system that protects the LCD from cracking in a handheld device. A well-made LCD gasket can absorb and distribute impact energy and offer cushioning to protect the display from damage due to mechanical shock. If a device is dropped or banged, the gasket acts as a touchscreen cushion, offering a critical amount of protection. Touchscreen gaskets also serve as display cushions when a user presses on the display too hard. The gasket deflects, takes up and spreads the load offering some protection from over-press or overloading in a small area.

Broadest Portfolio of Solutions for LCD Gaskets

Constantly innovating to keep up with design changes and requirements, PORON Urethanes are designers’ first choice for LCD gaskets and cushioning pads. As handheld devices have evolved, so have the PORON® Microcellular Urethanes used for LCD gasketing and sealing. These unique, proprietary foam materials are available in a broad array of thin, compressible solutions that maximize design flexibility while maintaining an effective seal across a wide range of loads and environmental conditions.

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