Across a wide variety of applications, both PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone foams offer the Compression Set Resistance (C-set) to maintain reliable pressure force to fill and seal gaps consistently, withstanding collapse caused by the stresses of compression and temperature over time. These superior gap filler foams are flexible yet reliable, offering long-term durability to fill gaps caused by variations in manufacturing tolerances or environmental changes that may occur in a broad range of operating conditions.

Aircraft Interiors

Whether you ned to fill gaps between components in commercial new build, regional jet, business jet, MRO, or VIP aircraft, Rogers delivers the safest, most reliable foam for your gap-filling application. BISCO® Silicones are approved to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) for aircraft interiors, providing consistent gap filling across temperatures ranging from -55°C to 200°C, and are specified to many OEM material specifications including Boeing and Airbus. BISCO® silicone gap fillers provide superb flame resistance and fire protection, along with superior compression set resistance, delivering a safe and reliable fit for critical gap-filling applications.

Automotive Interiors and Exteriors

From bumper to bumper and roof to underside, PORON® Cellular Urethanes and BISCO® Cellular Silicones provide superior gap filling solutions for door panels, instrument panels, HVAC systems, engine compartments, fuel systems, lighting enclosures and more in automotive applications. Flexible gap fillers often function to seal out water and dust, reduce noise, shock, vibration and provide long-term gap filling in both standard automotive and hybrid electric applications. Both material families meet or exceed many automotive specifications.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

Battery cells in HEV battery packs expand and contract as they charge and give off energy, so the gap filling material needs to withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles in synchronization with the cells’ actions. PORON® Cellular Urethanes and BISCO® Cellular Silicones offer low C-set, allowing the materials to maintain effectiveness as a gap filler while withstanding the continuous cycling of the cells.

Industrial Applications

In industrial enclosures, motor mounts, HVAC units and more, PORON® Urethane foams have a unique ability to produce a very consistent level of force across a range of compressions in gap filling applications. This allows the designer to predict the material’s behavior across varied dimensional tolerances.  When an even wider range of environmental or temperature conditions must be met, BISCO® Silicone foams withstand collapse caused by the stresses of compression and temperature over time.

Portable Electronics

Today’s thin, portable devices are extremely sensitive to even slight manufacturing variations and tolerances. That’s why designers rely on PORON® Urethanes offered in a broad portfolio of thin, compressible gap filler options for phones, tablets and other devices. The PORON® Urethanes Gap Filling Tool will assist you in identifying the proper PORON materials for your gap filling applications.

Railcar Gap Filling

Railcar designers choose BISCO® Silicones for long-term gap-filling performance for railcar systems and components. For electrical enclosures, roof mounts, lighting, HVAC and a wide variety of applications, BISCO silicones meet or exceed rail industry specifications and standards while providing highly consistent gap filling to prevent squeaks, leaks, rattles and vibration noise. These silicone gap-filling materials offer outstanding durability and fire resistance, meeting the fire standards for low flame, low toxicity that are critically important for passenger safety.

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