CuClad 6250 bonding film is an ethylene-acrylic acid thermoplastic co-polymer recommended for bonding dielectric structures like PTFE/glass where exposure to high temperature or high pressure is not desirable. The CuClad 6250 bonding film is available in both 24” (610mm) roll form and sheeted format.


  • Thickness of .0015” (.038mm)
  • Dielectric constant of 2.32
  • Loss tangent of .0015 at 10 GHz
  • Resin melt temperature 213°F (101°C)


  • Allows for lower temperature and lower pressure lamination than conventional RF thermoplastic films
  • Close match on dielectric properties with laminate systems often selected for multi-layer PCBs
  • Enables attachment of pressure sensitive layers, including dielectric foams


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
CuClad® Laminates Data Sheet English
CuClad® 6250- 6700 Data Sheet English


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