CLTE-MW laminates provide PCB designers a high performance, cost-effective material, well suited for applications with thickness limitations due to physical or electrical constraints. This unique laminate system is available in seven thickness options, from 3 to 10 mils, ensuring that ideal signal to ground spacing exists for 5G and other millimeter wave applications. The CLTE-MW laminates are reinforced with spread glass which, along with a high filler loading, helps minimize the high frequency glass weave effects on electromagnetic wave propagation.


  • Low loss tangent of .0015 at 10GHz
  • Low Z-axis CTE of 30ppm/°C
  • Thermal conductivity of .42 W/(mK)
  • UL94 V-0 flammability rating


  • Enables low loss designs
  • Excellent plated through hole (PTH) reliability
  • Good heat dissipation in aggressive designs
  • Compatible with commercial applications
  • Reliable mechanical performance under thermally challenging environments



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